Kiori Kawai

(left) Frank Capri, (right) Jun Kawai

Water Spirits, (2008) Dance footage taken from Kiori's performance at DTW.

Kiori Kawai is a graduate of the Osaka University of Arts '99, specializing in Musical Theatre & Contemporary Performance. While in Japan, Kiori was an associate artist with the JobanKosan Corp. performing both as a dancer and a singer. Since her arrival to NYC in 2001, Kiori has had the professional pleasure of working with such artists as Elaine Summers Dance, Skymusic Inc., Michi Dance Company, Azul Dance Theatre, H.T. Chen Dance Company, and Flock Dance Trope. Joining Elaine Summers Dance in 2005, Kiori has collaborated on Making Rainbows, Hidden Forrest, and Galumphing. Additionally, Kiori has appeared as a solo artist for Invitation to Secret Dancers realizing her choreographic debut of Water Spirits (2005). Holding certifications in both Pilates and Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, Kiori acts as a conduit for "Natural Bodyworks"; combining Thai Massage, breath work, and neuromuscular stretching tailored to each client's specific needs. For more info, please visit HERE.